We create Tazos with simple, prismatic or metallic printing. These can be pouched in food safe and they can be delivered in large quantities, in short time. Tazos can be used as an excellent promoting solution for consumer goods and children food.

Metallic Tazos

Metallic Tazos can be printed on metallic surface, either on single or double side. Furthermore, they obey high quality printing standards and they can be designed for collections of various themes.

Classic Tazos

Classic Tazos are made by a thick carton which can be printed in both sides. Furthermore, they can include collectible themes or they can have various characteristics according to the game for which they were designed for.

Plastic Tazos

Plastic Tazos are made with thick plastic material and they can have a printings in one or both sides.

3D Tazos (Lenticular)

Tazos made of composite images, which have the ability to move or change according to the viewing angle of the image, producing the feeling of depth. This technology allow us to achieve one of the following effects: 3D, Flip, Animation, Morphing, Zoom.
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